So I want to believe in magic and romance and true love, so what? I know it isn’t always happy bubbles and sunshine. I know that you have to have the bad to know how to cherish the good. But why can’t true love exist? Why can’t we have a real life romance?

I’ve been shown that people like that exist, that gentlemen are actually real. So maybe the romance and fairytale can be real too… I know fairytale seems unrealistic but I don’t want some Disney fairytale where everything always turns out perfect. I want a real life romantic fairytale. One where there is bad and nitty gritty and things don’t always turn out ok…but through everything we’re there for each other.

Why can’t love win??? Why can’t I have love? That kind of love, that I’ve always dreamed of??? I don’t expect happily ever after, just happy together. Through all of the tough shit we are still together and will always fight for each other. Why can’t that be real?

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe I’m a dreamer who’s just dreaming to big. But maybe, just maybe, dreams can come true. I don’t care, let me be naive and live in my dream that one day someone will sweep me off my feet. They say our thoughts can shape our reality, so let me dream. Maybe one day I’ll be more than just a dreamer…

Unappologetically Yours,


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