Without Death There Is No Life

Death. It’s something we all know is coming. We all have been touched by it in one way or another. We don’t like to think about it, because it means losing someone, or everyone. But death is the most important part of life. Because without death, there is no motivation to live. If we have forever, what drive do we have to do anything right now, in this moment? Death makes every moment important…precious. It’s what gives us drive and forces us to live in this moment…to savor it. Because we know this moment will never come again, and life has only so many moments.

When asked about regrets in life, most elderly will tell you they don’t regret the things they did, but the things they didn’t do, the chances they didn’t take. They’ll tell you that the memories that are most important when you look back aren’t the big things you’ve done, but the small moments that matter…that’s what makes life special.

Because we have a time limit on this earth we want to do things now and live every minute fully. Without that time limit, the moments don’t seem as precious as they really are.

I believe it was DaVinci that once said, “a life without love is no life at all.” He was right. I don’t know if he meant romance, but as beautiful as romance may be, life has to have love but not necessarily romance. Your whole life is made of love in one way or another. Your friends. Your family. Your pets. Your children. The list goes on. All of these people you love in one way or another. And all of these people make up your life. You live for you, yes, but what would your life be without the people you love? Love is life. And life is fleeting. Cherish every moment. Don’t take one second for granted. Because in an instant…it could all be gone… Love freely and wildly.

Unappologetically Yours,


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