I know me…right???

In the past few years I’ve done a lot of soul searching and self discovery. I was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The depression was something I had been diagnosed with when I was much younger and I had been dealing with it the best I could. The anxiety, however, was something that nobody had ever caught until recently and it made the biggest difference. A lot bigger then I ever thought it would.

Realizing that made me take a new look at myself. The doctors missing that I can understand, they didn’t really know me. But how could I miss that about myself. I knew something had been wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. I just felt constantly overwhelmed and out of control.

I decided to take closer look at myself and I’m still learning new things. It made me realize, nobody ever really knows who they are, not completely, because we as human beings are always changing. We are fluid creatures. We stop changing, we die.

Self discovery is not something you need to do once, it’s something you need to do always, throughout your entire life. Don’t let anything hold you back because you just need to look at yourself a little closer. We as creatures are amazing. We can accomplish amazing things. Never stop dreaming and never stop changing.

Unappologetically Yours,


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