Hello world.

So I figure I should probably somewhat introduce myself. At least, as much is possible over a anonymous blog. I am a woman, about to be 26, blonde hair, green eyes… But me? I’m a dreamer and a gypsy. Open-minded, with an even more open heart. A free-spirit with major wanderlust. A little scared and a lot confused. I trust too easily and love too much. And I’m just trying to figure out…life.

What I’ll talk about will probably range greatly considering my interests consist of a fairly wide variety of things. There really won’t be a pattern to the posts. Some may be more informational, while others may be more emotional. This is just a place for me to be me.

Welcome. I hope you’ll stick around, because even though my life may not be the most exciting, my thoughts can quite often be worlds away.

Unappologetically Yours,


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